Release and Let Go

Your Peaceful Guided Journey

We are currently in development of our audio/video therapeutic tool designed to relieve stress and anxiety for dying patients and their families.

We invite you to read a little about our project and sample our 7-minute video overview.

About the Release and Let Go program

My name is Mark Peltier-Robson, and I'm one of the developers of the Release and Let Go program.

My first exposure to Hospice was when my dad passed in 1993. He had pancreatic cancer and Hospice helped his last few weeks. As excellent as Hospice is, I could see he had a hard time to accept his fate and be able to release and let go. It was sad for me because I was unable to help him in this challenging event. It was a similar situation with my brother who died of mesothelioma. But he held on for many weeks - again I felt unable to help ease his fear and help him pass in peace and with dignity.

After my father's passing 26 years ago I made a promise to myself to create a program that would assist the patient and the family members to understand the dying process and help the patient to release and let go.

The Release and Let Go program includes calming music and environments sounds. It can include guided imagery portions. It also includes professionally written narrative and stories explaining the dying process. It can include a beating heartbeat. Much of the narrative will be education-based to help alleviate fear. It is a peaceful journey.

The program is designed to calm and educate the patient. To assist the patient to enter a deeply relaxing state and accept the suggestions and narrative stories. It is a relaxing and comforting experience.

The program also includes a patient workbook where they can enter important information and wishes. The workbook is a place to finalize incomplete thoughts and forgiveness. There is also a family member workbook to record memories, emotions, and tributes. Designed to help engage family members to work through their emotions.

We are interested in hearing from folks involved in end of life care. We want your opinions, thoughts, and ideas on how we can make our program even better.

We invite you to watch and comment on our 7-minute overview video - Click Here